Now we girls only like boyz by their looks and popularity. But have any of you ever thought of what their personality. probably  not only because you think life is about dating or falling in love with someone you don’t care about what they are capable of only the outside. I am a girl who is 13 now and  I had a boyfriend in 5th grade his name is private but I loved him not liked him for him not looks. I was bullied because I was not fitting in with other girls so we dated a 8 months before he called done only because he did not want to see me being picked on. But we remained friends till half of my 6th grade year at his school. I moved and in 6th grade at my new school I saw this boy not saying names and I loved him like really loved him. I told my self 10 days before the last day of school I would tell him how I felt. I did and he said I should have told him sooner because he felt the same way. But the day before the last day of school I broke up with him only because I was hearing rumors that his ex-girlfriend was trying to break us up so I ended it so I would not get my heart broke. I felt bad for what I had done because after he was saying that he was not good enough for me anyway. actually I told him I was not good or near great for him. This year 7th grade we are friends and he knows that I love him still  and he loves me but we both know we can not be together. Ok so what I am trying to say is to all you teen girls don’t lie to a boy and say you love them but you really like them for looks.



People always say to someone who has done wrong to them that Karma will get you. Well I believe it will but it does not me that you go and tell someone to beat or hurt them you wait till something just happens. Yes, it…


On Friday my puppy died but I am still happy because I have friends to keep me standing tall. Also I know that my puppy is happy in heaven but still misses me